In 2012 I started my spiritual practice with an emphasis on mental health and wellness. Since then I have been teaching meditation and Reiki as well as conducting individual and group sound healing and reading sessions throughout Orange County.

In my sessions I elevate my mind to connect with higher consciousness, spirit guides, deities, and angels. My mind, body, and spirit are completely connected to establish a safe place for messages to come through. I offer individual and group Oracle Readings, Reiki Sessions, and Meditation sessions both in person and over the phone.




I approach my oracle sessions with the intention to empower the person I am working with. I will share any perceived strengths or blockages I sense and give practical advice on how to understand relationship dynamics, correct imbalances, and reestablish harmony. Those I am reading have the option to receive a general reading or ask a specific question on any topic that requires clarity.

Current Rates:

3 card e-mail reading: $25

15 minute phone reading: $30

30 minute phone reading: $60



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In a Reiki session, I begin with a short, relaxing guided meditation (though it could go longer depending on individual need) before opening a channel between me and the client. During application of Reiki I am able to sense areas of stagnation or overexertion within the energy field and physical body. Many times I can feel these sensations within my own body, or they manifest as visual/auditory imagery. I also check in on the chakras and assess individual imbalances and strengths.


Guided meditation + Reiki:

30 minute session*: $75

1 hour Reiki + guided meditation*: $150

Lessons/Attunement: $200-$500

In-person Group Experience

meditation, sound bath, hands-on reiki

with 2-3 practitioners:

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*Remote sessions also available


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Meditation opens the third eye and creates space for pure awareness and has been shown to benefit those who deal with high levels of stress, overthinking, anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc. Many seek meditation to enhance their spiritual practice for purposes of healing and connecting with the spirit world. For both group and personal sessions, I channel all my meditations and guide my students through a journey of breath, visualization, and energy healing. These sessions typically last between 30-45 minutes.


$70 45min-1hr

Group rates


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*Remote sessions also available