A combination session that includes card/aura reading and energy clearing with Reiki. Receive messages from spirit guides, discover solutions to longstanding issues, and find freedom from karmic patterns.

You can either ask a specific question or get a general reading.




30 minute reading

A half hour session consulting a combination of tarot and oracle cards in a celtic cross spread. Learn about current challenges, surrounding energies affecting you, and alignment tasks to refocus your energies.



3 card reading

Quick look in the past-present-future of a situation. Receive clarity on topics such as relationships, career, wellness, decisions, etc. Reading photo and text will be delivered via e-mail.



1 Hour Session

Remote individual sessions with meditation and chakra scan. Clients will be guided through a relaxing meditation in preparation for Reiki. Purchase of a full session will allow me to delve into your auric field and receive messages from your energy centers as they are being purified. Learn more about Reiki here


30 Minute Session

Half hour session with only Reiki. Receive the benefits of distance Reiki in the comfort of your own home. Late night appointments available to help with sleep. Location does not matter, I have worked on and accurately read for clients as far as India. You will receive a confirmation text before your session.

$50/30 minutes


Remote detailed reading of aura+chakras delivered via email. I will scan each chakra for strengths, imbalances, and blockages, and offer practices and techniques to bring your energy back in alignment. I will also read your aura and share what colors, textures, and movements I perceive. The aura changes daily, so this will be a "snapshot" of how it's expressing itself in the moment.



Meditation for groups and individuals with techniques ranging from breath work, affirmations,  visualization, energy/chakra clearing, and manifestation. A consultation will happen prior to the session to best tailor the journey to your intentions.

$50 | remote sessions last between 30-45 minutes


DJ, performer, trivia host for parties, clubs, and events.

$150/hr + travel. Equipment rental starts at $75.

Multi-genre music production for recording artists, dance, meditation and yoga flow, travel and promotional videos, cinema, etc.

Starting at $444/track. See previous work for examples.

Click here for inquiries and to book a session

Click here for inquiries and to book a session