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Reiki is a Japanese non-denominational healing modality that channels universal life force energy into people and the surrounding environment. The purpose of its founding by Reiki Master Usui Mikao is to help the body’s natural ability to heal itself by clearing away stagnant energies that originate from stressful situations. It can be done both physically with laying on of hands or remotely. 

I received my master certification in 2013 through Huntington Beach Reiki under Master Kerri Draper. I am certified to conduct sessions, teach, and attune clients.



If stress isn’t dealt with through energy healing, meditation, and self care, it builds until the we can no longer function at our optimal levels of wellness (imagine what happens when a toilet or bathtub gets clogged). Within the body, these blockages often times result in illness and an overall lack of energy. Emotionally, it can lead to symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and eventually disharmony within relationships. A Reiki practitioner is able to channel life force energy to the client in order to flush these blockages out. More advanced practitioners are able to read the client's energy field and offer messages to support their healing process.


Although each person is unique in their experience with it, typically those who have received Reiki in the past have felt a multitude of benefits from just one session, including improved sleep a sense of freedom and relaxation, relief from physical pain, emotional and mental clarity, and the ability to detach and let go of the past. Guests in the past have also reported having spiritual experiences where they can "see" energy and can speak to friends and family in spirit.


In a traditional full Reiki session, I begin with a relaxing guided meditation before opening a channel between me and the client. I employ aromatherapy and sound healing and different healing frequencies to enhance the experience. During application of Reiki I am able to sense areas of stagnation or overexertion within the energy field and physical body. Many times I can feel these sensations within my own body, or they manifest as visual/auditory imagery. I also check in on the chakras and assess individual imbalances and strengths. At the end of the application process, I consult with the client on what I sensed and hold space for any questions.

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