The human energy system operates in layers: from the physical to the mental/emotional and the etheric/spiritual. The chakras are energy centers that connect all of these layers together and are located throughout the body along the central channel (the energetic counterpart to your spine). Each chakra governs specific organs, functions, and systems within the body and have subsequent roles to the mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies as well. 


To divine something is to seek knowledge from the unseen/ask for a message from God. Though some religions view mysticism from a framework of fear, I believe that esoteric practices are just one way to connect with Spirit, and many of the readings I've given in the past have benefited those who are going through significant challenges in their lives. 


Tarot and oracle cards have been used for centuries as divination tools under the practice of cartomancyTarot contains 78 cards, with a Major Arcana (indicating significant themes) and Minor Arcana (illustrating day-to-day details of life). The tarot is my main system of choice as it contains a full spectrum of archetypes to give a detailed reading, though I have included oracle decks in the past for a single reading.


I approach my chakra and card reading sessions with the intention to empower the person I am working with channeled knowledge and grounded practices. I will share any perceived strengths or blockages I sense and give practical advice on how to understand relationship dynamics, correct imbalances, and reestablish harmony within each chakra. Those I am reading have the option to receive a general reading or ask a specific question on any topic that requires clarity.


In a chakra reading I can see and sometimes feel what your energy centers are experiencing through the connection established between us. I also see your timeline which shows up as "patterns" in your aura. Many times this has revealed different lifestyle habits that could potentially be causing issues. I can also feel what you are feeling (or what you are not allowing yourself to feel) and receive messages on what steps you can take to take to create balance.


For oracle sessions, sometimes I receive insights right away before diving into the cards. These impressions have revealed themselves to me as stories, songs, intuitive “hits,” and feelings/sensations in the different parts my being. I will then have the client shuffle the cards while thinking about the subject of their inquiry and cut the deck once they are finished. After that I place the cards in a celtic cross or other spread that I feel inspired to use. When I am reading the cards, I am looking at symbols and elemental qualities and connecting them to the client's energy. In some sessions, spirit guides have appeared to deliver messages as well.

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