Shaman // Oracle

Deitii is a professional oracle, meditation guide, and energy healer with 8 years of experience. She is certified to teach the Usui Reiki modality and specializes in visualization and spirit guide meditations. Her passion for metaphysics and mindfulness was born through personal traumas and years of unresolved health issues, from acute stomach illness to chronic depression. When western medicine failed to help, Deitii began her journey into the world of spirituality and energy healing and was determined to begin her practice after a life-changing Reiki session in 2012.


During her undergrad years at UCLA, she trained under Reiki Master Kerri Draper and received her master/teacher certification in 2013. In 2016 she continued her training under meditation teacher Amyris Wilson and began seeing integrative holistic therapist Elaine Stahlhofen for PTSD after a major car accident. The combination of these powerful teachers and healers gave Deitii a new sense of purpose to destigmatize the topic of mental health and to authentically share her practice with others who are ready to transcend their limiting beliefs and deepen their connection to who they truly are. Since graduating in 2015, Deitii has taught over 200 classes and workshops across Orange County and Los Angeles. Today, she teaches regularly at MDitate in Newport Beach, California.

Deitii offers in person and remote meditation, oracle/chakra reading, and Reiki sessions by appointment. 

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