Third eye awakening series

Develop your psychic senses

This series is designed to support empaths and highly sensitive people (HSPs), and is a safe space for curious psychonauts to openly explore all things metaphysical, whether you are beginning to awaken to your psychic gifts or are curious about topics such as chakras, reiki, spirit guides, advanced meditation, and abilities such as astral travel, remote viewing, and telepathy.


Each workshop will offer a new, unique experience based on different topics within the psychic world. Participants are welcome and encouraged to share personal stories, experiences, and questions without any judgment. The details and outline of each lesson plan is listed below. 



1100 Quail Street, Suite 100

Newport Beach, CA 92660


Nov. 2, Nov. 9, Nov. 16 | 10:15-11:45am

Individual class: $35 members | $45 regular


Workshop 2: Energy Play (Nov. 9)


One common psychic sense that goes undeveloped is empathy. Empaths, who are also referred to as highly sensitive people (HSPs), are individuals who can feel the emotions of others as though they are their own. Oftentimes they can be overwhelmed and experience high amounts of stress as well as health issues without the proper understanding and training of their psychic skill set. Many empaths become healers, counselors, and therapists because of their abilities to feel and know the pain of others.


This workshop is designed for both empaths and for those curious about energy practices such as Reiki and chakra healing. We will be learning energetic clearing techniques and psychic boundary setting between self and other before diving into the energy play, using our senses to explore the subtle nuances, fluctuations, and impressions of our auras and chakras. 


Workshop guide

  1. distinguishing self from other

  2. setting psychic boundaries

  3. establishing sacred space

  4. reset meditation

  5. empathic resonance

  6. body scan

  7. chakra scans


*We will be working in groups of 2 for a good portion of the workshop. Bring a friend or be prepared to make a new one!

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Psychic skills: boundaries/protection, clearing, feeling (clairsentience), sensing, knowing (claircognizance), receiving impressions, developing intuition


Workshop 3: Telepathy Games (Nov. 16)


Awakening the third eye is a powerful experience capable of bridging worlds, manifesting visions, and   bringing meditators into deeper levels of peace and tranquility. With practice, we can expand our senses to create energetic links to other people, places and objects. Telepathy Games explores the fun side of the psychic world of telepathy, remote viewing, and more! 


This final workshop of the Third Eye Awakening series is designed as an interactive way to test the psychic skills developed in the Manifestation Magic and Energy Play workshops. Though it’s not required, it is recommended that participants attend at least one of the two workshops beforehand. A few of the games require a partner, so please bring a friend or be prepared to make a new one! 


Workshop guide

  1. reviewing the different clairs

  2. remove viewing exercise

  3. the telepathy game

  4. the mind movie game

  5. navigating synchronicities

  6. interpreting dreams

  7. card readings

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Psychic skills: intuition building, clairvoyance, claircognizance, reading/interpreting energies, telepathy, remote viewing, kairomancy

intro to meditation

opening to awareness (weekly class)

Open to guests of all levels, intro to meditation is a free class designed for those who are new to meditation. There will be time available before and after the session for any questions you may have.

Saturdays | 9-9:15am


1100 Quail Street, Suite 100
Newport Beach, CA 92660

free class (unlimited)

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explore the power of inner sight (weekly class)

Studies have shown that the brain and body cannot tell the difference between a physical versus an imagined event, showing us that what we can create visually within our mind's eye is just as powerful as what any external factor can offer us. Discover how visualization can help evolve our brains to create new realities, allowing us to boost performance in virtually any field.

Benefits: calm, inspiration, confidence, creative problem solving. With consistent practice: improved concentration, wellbeing, increased patience, less anxiety

Saturdays | 9:30-10am


1100 Quail Street, Suite 100
Newport Beach, CA 92660

$20 members | $30 non members*

first time guests receive a free class pass

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Reiki meditation

breathe in light, free the mind (weekly class)

Reiki is a Japanese non-denominational healing modality that channels universal life force energy into people and the surrounding environment. The purpose of its founding by Reiki Master Usui Mikao is to help the body’s natural ability to heal itself by clearing away stagnant energies that originate from stressful situations.


If stress isn’t dealt with through earthing, meditation, and self care, it builds until the we can no longer function at our optimal levels of wellness (imagine what happens when a toilet or bathtub gets clogged). Within the body, these blockages often times result in illness and an overall lack of energy. Emotionally, it can lead to symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and disharmony within the self and our relationships. The application of Reiki helps to flush out these blockages and creates a sense of peace, relaxation, and well-being.


This experience provides the opportunity for participants to feel the energy for themselves while in a light meditative state.

Sundays | 6-7p

Herbaculture Yoga

2790 Harbor Blvd #312
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

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