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Magick is real

A magician studies and operates within a multidimensional framework of reality and can see beyond the realm of physicality. A magician who creates their reality through the practice of transmutation is called an alchemist. They know that energy is neither created nor destroyed, and that the ultimate source of energy is within oneself. By transcending the confines of duality, a master alchemist is able to call forth the flames of transmutation to reach higher states of consciousness and manifest the treasures of life: freedom, abundance, joy, and love, among many others.


To empower yourself, you must know where the true source of power is. To know the source is to know thyself, and to know thyself you must awaken to the truth and shed the skin of illusions that confine your spirit.


The Arcanum


This school is not for everyone. The knowledge offered in these courses are designed to break down the ego-identity, including beliefs about yourself and the world around you. Irrevocable change will occur within you, and consequently this will impact your relationships, your daily routine, and most importantly, the way you perceive your reality. Like Neo from the Matrix, you must be ready to face what comes from taking the red pill: from the illuminating light of realization to the transformative dark night of the soul. We believe the path of the magician-alchemist is ultimately a spiritual quest to rediscover your passions, connect powerfully with the universe, and rewrite old stories to create your destiny. With proper training and guidance, the rewards that come from this journey are immeasurable.


As a student of the Arcanum, you will learn about metaphysical laws and be given the tools you need to identify and transform specific elements of your world. You will train your psychic senses and learn how to utilize the power of intuition so you can experience deeper levels of peace and joy, meditate with intention, conduct energy healing, see and read auras, practice telepathy and remote viewing, and generate synchronicities, among many other lessons.


Through determination and practice, the world transforms from a prison into a canvas.

This is the art of alchemy. Welcome to the Arcanum.

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Third Eye Awakening (beta)

Third Eye Awakening is a 5-class series for those who desire to learn more about the benefits of mindfulness and who are beginning to awaken to their psychic gifts. This series is designed to support empaths and highly sensitive people (HSPs), and is a safe space for curious psychonauts to openly explore all things metaphysical. Each class will offer a new, unique experience based on different topics within the psychic world. Participants are welcome and encouraged to share personal stories, experiences, and questions without any judgment. 

Learn to locate and activate the pineal gland (a.k.a. third eye) and see into the worlds beyond our own. This energy center, also known as the seat of the soul, is the central hub for all of our mystical and metaphysical experiences. Training our awareness on the third eye gives us access to an otherworldly sense of peace and glimpses into higher dimensions where we can contact spirit guides, receive divine insight, and let go of blockages preventing us from growth, clarity, and healing in virtually any area of our lives. It serves as a gateway to the multiverse where we can experience any situation in any place, as any one, any time.


Module 1: Mindfulness

Opening to awareness

The first module is an in depth exploration into the practice of mindfulness as a precursor to the rest of the series. Developing a self aware state of neutrality via mindfulness allows us to navigate the realm of mind and emotion from a place of nonjudgment, allowing us to be less affected by what doesn't matter and more effective in what does.

Module 2: Meditation 

Training the mind

At its most basic level, the practice of meditation is the ability to become aware of one's present state. However, there are many different forms of meditation geared toward specific intentions. Meditations range from breath work, visualization, compassion exercises, astral travel, spirit guide contact and more. We will explore a wide range ways to meditate and the various benefits associated with each practice.

Module 3: Manifestation

Creating new realities

Meditation and mindfulness practices has use beyond the simple navigation of our internal and external world. What if we can create circumstances and realities that we wish to experience? These advanced techniques involve identifying and transforming limiting beliefs and require patience and a dedicated practice. We will be covering topics such as the law of attraction as taught by Abraham Hicks and exploring the teachings of Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Module 4: Mysteries

Playing with the field

In this module we will be diving into the supernatural world that is accessible through the third eye. By now, you will have experienced the impact that meditation has on your every day life. Through understanding the power you have over your regular reality, you are now ready to explore multiverses beyond your own. We will be training our clairvoyance abilities, making contact with spirit guides and angels, learning basic Reiki healing, and conducting energy readings on one another.

Module 5: Mastery

Making a lasting impact

There is a saying that goes "people will forget what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel." The main objective of this entire series is not to simply explore the psychic realms, but to understand the underlying fabric of reality that affects each and every one of us. We learned from these previous modules that words and thoughts have a profound effect on our reality. With an increase in psychic awareness, we go from victims to empowered creators. And with each person tapping into their innate sense of empathy, we hope to reach a critical mass where we can finally shift the fragmented collective into a unified consciousness of love. This final module is a graduation ceremony to welcome you as a conscious steward for the unseen world that connects us all. 

Program goals:

  • Activate third eye through mindfulness and meditation

  • Understand the metaphysical mechanics of mental and emotional states

  • Explore different realms through visualization

  • Break through old conditioned beliefs to manifest desired states of reality via law of attraction

  • Train the intuition to clearly read situations

  • Cultivate healthy boundaries and mindful self care practices.