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Magick is real

A magician studies and operates within a multidimensional framework of reality and can see beyond the realm of physicality. A magician who creates their reality through the practice of transmutation is called an alchemist. They know that energy is neither created nor destroyed, and that the ultimate source of energy is within oneself. By transcending the confines of duality, a master alchemist is able to call forth the flames of transmutation to reach higher states of consciousness and manifest the treasures of life: freedom, abundance, joy, and love, among many others.


To empower yourself, you must know where the true source of power is. To know the source is to know thyself, and to know thyself you must awaken to the truth and shed the skin of illusions that confine your spirit.


The Arcanum


This school is not for everyone. The knowledge offered in these courses are designed to break down the ego-identity, including beliefs about yourself and the world around you. Irrevocable change will occur within you, and consequently this will impact your relationships, your daily routine, and most importantly, the way you perceive your reality. You must be ready to face what comes: from the illuminating light of realization to the transformative dark night of the soul. We believe the path of the magician-alchemist is ultimately a spiritual quest to rediscover your passions, connect powerfully with the universe, and rewrite old stories to create your destiny. With proper training and guidance, the rewards that come from this journey are immeasurable.


As a student of the Arcanum, you will learn about metaphysical laws and be given the tools you need to identify and transform specific elements of your world. The Arcanum specializes in teaching magic and alchemy through the 5 subjects listed below. You will train your psychic senses and learn how to utilize the power of intuition so you can experience deeper levels of peace and joy, meditate with intention, conduct energy healing, see and read auras, practice telepathy and remote viewing, and generate synchronicities, among many other lessons.


Through determination and practice, the world transforms from a prison into a canvas.

This is the art of alchemy. Welcome to the Arcanum.


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