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Welcome to my portal. My name is Rebecca Nguyen, also known as DEITII. Here you will find information about me, as well as links to my music, shop, and events. I am a meditation guide, Reiki Master, singer, songwriter, ukulele player, DJ, sound healer, spirit dancer, and artist. I am also a holistic health practitioner, ordained minister, and graduate from UCLA with a BA in Philosophy.


My passion for the arts and meditation originated with my struggles with my mental health. I started experiencing depression and anxiety at an early age, and during my first two years in college, I hit a low point where I was happy on the outside, yet I constantly felt misaligned on the inside. There was no reason for me to feel depressed, yet it was there, like a constant fog in my head and heavy weight in my heart. Eventually, these suppressed emotions began manifesting into emotional outbursts and physical symptoms of intense stomach pains that would force me to go to the ER. Many of my close relationships started falling apart as I did, and so I sought help. I went to several doctors and specialists who only prescribed me medications to mask the symptoms. These only ended up making me sicker, and in my desperation I decided to do something that I never thought I was capable of doing as an atheist: I prayed for help.

It must have worked. Very soon after, I received my first reiki session at the end of 2012, and in just under an hour I went from believing that I knew everything to realizing that I knew nothing. Without me saying anything, my practitioner was able to sense that I had stomach pains and that I was experiencing depression. A lot of the physical and emotional heaviness lifted that day, as though I was directly touched by God. I needed to know how she did it, and so I started diving deep into the world of mindfulness, metaphysics, and energy healing. I learned how to meditate and how to channel the reiki energy for myself. 


After applying these practices to my routine, I started noticing improvements in all areas of my life – my health, my career, and my relationships all benefited from having a daily meditation practice. Since then, I've given talks and hosted workshops across LA and Orange County, including teaching mindfulness at UCLA through student-led health groups SIM and INNERGY. Meditation quite literally saved my life, and being able to share my story and connect with others has brought me joy and a powerful sense of purpose.

Since then, I have been expanding my practice into music, where I created my artist persona: the techno shaman named DEITII. This name came to me in meditation when I first started DJing, and for me the three I's represent the holy trinity of the divine mother, father, and child, the sun, moon, and earth, and our left, right, and third eyes unifying duality. DEITII is here to show that regardless of race, or religion or belief, we can all coexist because what connects us is more powerful than what divides us. We are all facing this mystery of life and death together, and I believe there is no better way to cultivate peace, love, unity, and reverence than with the power of healing through meditation and celebration through dance and music.

It is a miracle that I am alive and well today, and I am honored to be able to share my experiences and art with all of you.

With love,

Rebecca // DEITII


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